What is Apes and Men?

Greetings fellowmen.

Apes and Men is aimed at gents and their unique challenges and interests. We explore all things manly — from lifestyles to trends, master skills to fun and practical to philosophy. We seek to uncover how to live with old school swagger, virtue, and know-how in the present age by cultivating the best of the past to the best of the present. 

The goal is to create an alliance of tradition, modernism & confidence that offers men a way forward and guides them on how to live an excellent, flourishing life.

Ultimately, Apes and Men aims to encourage our readers to be better husbands, fathers, brothers, citizens — a new generation of great men. And no, we don’t rule out the wind beneath our wings so keep an eye out for the alpha females who are as bad-ass and occasionally featured in the blog. 

What will the blog do for you? 

· It will teach you things like male grooming, what products and good and which are great, even which are downright nasty. 

· You’ll be able to use the style guides to manage your wardrobe, impress your lady friends and learn some manners while you still can. 

· You’ll get a positive outlook in life, how to manage your day, not eat crap, build your physique, hang out at the right places, which whiskey to sit back and enjoy…. things like that. 

· Get insights into the local music scene – listen to artists from genre’s you thought are dying and how these indie artists are keeping it alive. 

· Master the skills of manliness; manage your career, your money, your life. Learn something new and live by example.

So for now, I'd like to invite you on this new journey and look forward to meeting you at the crossroads. I don't intend on doing this for money, but if I do make a pretty penny, you'll know, no monkey business (see what I did there).

Apes and Men is a passion project, A place where I will share my wisdom and hopefully learn something from you in return. A place for boys to become men, make some rules, build some principles and be part of a greater global community of gentlemen. 




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