Review: Meters OV-1 by Ashdown

August 22, 2017

I've owned a number of headphones and home speakers, in-fact I'm one of those guys who tends to try out new audio devices every once in a while, probably because I end up listening to new music a lot and pretty much everywhere I go. So it wasn't long before I came across these well-designed & amazingly engineered headphones; The Meters OV-1.

The OV-1 was created by the same brilliant minds who launched a powerhouse brand of Bass Amplifiers (Ashdown) back in 1997, used by renowned bass players like Nate Mendel, Adam Clayton, Shavo Odadjian and many more. So whats so special about these bad boys? I'll be honest, they looked 'effin rad! not only that but they sound pretty damn good, with automatic noise cancelling along with their trademark analogue VU meter behind each cup that lights up, you'll definitely turn heads. I charged mine for a few hours (via supplied USB charging cable) and its been 2 weeks running without charge on average daily usage.

If the killer looks backed by historic reputation of its parent company doesn't impress you, these well-built units may come across a bit bulky at first (each meter on the cup is powered by a built-in battery after all) but all that fades away once you realize the smooth comfort of a lightweight alloy frame as well as the Protein Leather padded cups that hardly exert any pressure thus ensuring a longer lasting experience in sound. Speaking of sound, I already mentioned their amazing noise cancelling ability, this does away with the annoying hum we tend to hear in other branded headsets. This is exactly what got me hooked on in the first place. My first few days with the OV-1 churned the thought that maybe these are good for people who're into heavy bass music because well, they sounded pretty big on the deep bass side of things, but a few days later however, you'll realize that the bass actually made sense (again, Ashdown), musically I was listening to hard rock, metal, grunge, alternative music and it sounded better than just fine. I had these on for hours thanks to the comfort factor so I ended up having a new appreciation for the warmth and punchy bass line in every track. It didn't sound hurtful to the ear at all, in-fact you could tell how much tightness and control a bass groove has over a song. You may miss the need for a crisp treble effect here and there, but the epic bass characteristics make up for that.

The OV-1's has some EQ settings that you could play around with, but I didn't bother. I had the ANC mode enabled throughout which I found quite satisfying. If you're a fan of a more disorganized effect, then by all means turn off the ANC, but I would advise against it. Having said all this, if you're the kind of listener who wants to have ultimate clarity and professional studio standard frequencies then maybe the Meters OV-1 is not your cup of tea. But if you're the average listener of music, always on the go, at the gym, at home, in Dubai Metro or walking around JLT from home to work, not to mention would love to own a unique looking pair of headphones, then don't think twice. 

You can find a pair of these in UAE at Musicians WarehouseVirgin Megastore at MOE, Dubai Mall and other branches too. They're priced at AED 1,299/- and come in 3 distinct colors. 

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