My name is Faraz Khan, though most people simply call me Khan, and this is Apes and Men. My blog (est. 2017) is the home to everything I explore in men’s style, lifestyle, grooming, music and mastery.

From beard tutorials; product reviews; seasonal trends and hauls; to music reviews and mastery. I shoot videos, take photos and write about stuff that makes me tick.

I’m particularly interested in the evolving landscape of bearded men’s style and grooming. The urban man embraces many options and we can truly & universally explore a sense of style, as well as the kind of products and experiences that work for us. Rest assured, this isn't just another fashion blog, its a gentleman's domain to discover self-confidence, skills, maintenance and an overall dapper lifestyle.

I’m no oracle, but with passion, experience, visual flare and zealous appetite for discovering new things, I’m confident that you’ll gain a little something from my blog.

Growing up

I grew up in Dubai, a small cosmopolitan city in the United Arab Emirates. Its one of the most culturally diverse places on earth, a place where you can connect with various races, experience cultures & learn traditions within a few miles of your doorstep.

Its a city where progression is top priority. Once a desert land, in a mere 10 years or so Dubai developed into one of fastest growing nations in the world - thanks to its visionary leaders and industrious expat workforce. Dubai possesses the best of many worlds, the tallest towers, the best cars, the best hotels, nightlife, clean initiatives, charitable organisations, over-sized malls, unlimited talent..the list goes on.

From humble beginnings, I've witnessed this progress over the years and am proud to be part of it. Dubai is and has been home since the day I was born.


As a kid, I was all set to go into traditional architecture, a career I'm quite happy I didn't pursue. Instead, I went on to become a successful TV Presenter for The ARY Network where I would host live TV shows across the Globe (pre-YouTube era). From there I went on to work as an Events Organizer gaining experience working on music festivals, corporate galas, fashion shows, film festivals, exhibitions and brands like MTV, Bacardi, Nestle, Sony PlayStation and many more until I finally joined RedBull as thier Culture Marketing Manager executing projects such as RedBull Music Academy, RedBull Radio, SoundClash, BC-1, Flying Bach, Curates and even co-created their RedBull Opening Acts Concept for the local music community.

Finally, in 2015, I decided to go solo, do my own thing, freelance and breathe a little - working on various events, making music (check out Chronicles of Khan) & eventually using my well-earned time to focus on Apes and Men.

The future

I’m really excited to see where I can take Apes and Men.
I don’t have any major plans but I certainly have some pretty epic goals that I want to achieve.

Brand work and opportunities

If you’re a brand or PR that would like to work with Apes and Men, please contact me here
If you’re interested in working with me as a Freelance Digital Content Producer and Journalist, you can also contact me here.

Well, what are you waiting for? lets go apeshit.
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