10 Skills every man in Dubai should know - Part 1

1. Tie a neck tie & know the types

This is a no-brainer. You don’t need to be part of the corporate rat-race around town nor do you need to show up with a noose-like fabric around your neck. Every man should have at least one tie, for those occasions when you need to turn up devilishly handsome. But this isn’t about owning a tie, its about knowing how to tie one. There’s several ways which you can find here. Your dad or wife aren’t going to do this for you. 

2. Change a flat on a car

Picture this, you’re on your way to work OR a guy’s night out OR worse, on your way to a hot date – and you get a flat. The only thing worse than getting a flat is not knowing how to fix one. And who knows, maybe you’ll end up helping a damsel in distress. 

3. Re-fueling your automobile

Remember the time Dubai tested a new law, where after mid-night you’d need to refuel your own ride at select gas stations. It disappeared, probably because no one wanted to take the effort or maybe because no one knew how to. Well, give the attendant a break (they work outdoors, you don’t) and look up how to fill your own gas, its easy and will probably come in handy if you ever go back to your home country.

4. Basic Arabic

If you’re new here, or old, or born in the UAE, think about it. Sure its multicultural and diverse, sure everyone pretty much speaks English but imagine being able to pick up or learn some basic Arabic (no, not the swear words) – it would do wonders for you at work, out and about and at any of the official offices too. 

5. Build a camp fire

Contrary to what most people think, Dubai gets pretty much half a year (approx 6 months – November to April) of cool weather. Perfect for the overnight camping trips, desert bon fires and lake-side Bbq’s. So, what do they all have in common; building a proper fire. A lot of guys I know douse wood with lighter fluid and feel like champs but the truth is, there’s a technique to how much fuel you should use OR no fuel at all. Check out this link to know more. 

6. Book reading

Take some time off, go to a café and read a book. You get one, open it, read and close it. Simple. FYI, if you can’t buy one, download one. You’ve got tablets and kindle nowadays. 

7. Drive like a boss

Born and raised in the UAE, I’ve seen my fair share of few cars, more cars, bigger roads and bumper to bumper gridlocks. Truth is, driving with care is pretty much the key. Be aware of your surroundings. Get a handsfree kit for urgent calls. Give way & don’t speed if you don’t need to, best way to tackle this is leave for your destination early. 

8. Ride a motorcycle

I got my motorcycle license much before I did for a car and it was awesome. I made some great biker friends, learnt road safety on a whole other level and enjoyed the cool breezy early morning rides. Motorcycles are one of the pinnacles of masculinity. They’re up there with beer, grass-fed steak, and keeping a beard. They offer a visceral experience: one that requires skill, mental engagement, and risk management. On a motorcycle, your senses are on high alert, and your life depends on two patches of rubber gluing you to the road. Riding a motorcycle is an experience every man should have in his life.

9. Play a music instrument

If I had a Dirham for every time some guy told me he wished he knew how to play the guitar, I can confidently say I’d be making money off music. I learnt by ear back when I was a young teen, I still don’t know all the chords and the complicated stuff, but I practice, that’s all it takes. So it’s not too late, get a guitar, a drum kit, a bass or whatever sound makes you happy and master your craft, perform around town and write your own songs. Plenty of open mic nights around Dubai now too so there’s no excuse.

10. Swimming

Dubai has boats and beaches and a lot of pool parties. Swimming is fun, great exercise and you meet some pretty ladies. nuff said. 

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Part 2 coming soon! 

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